Lots of toes, but no homes! Can you help?

A litter of kittens has caused a stir at the Blue Cross charity in the UK, as they all have a condition called ‘polydactyly’, also known as ‘mitten kittens’, where they have more toes than normal. The cats are nervous as they were a stray during their socialisation period when they were young, so they are looking for extra special, understanding homes. Can you help?

Happy Cat Day from Japan – otherwise known as Nyan Nyan Nyan day

Today is the 27th annual Cat Day in Japan.

As a gentle introduction to learning Japanese, let us explain that ‘Nyan’ means cat – which is why the meme below is known as Nyan Cat…


In celebration of the day, we expect many of Japan’s numerous cat owners to entertain us by uploading plenty of cat photos and videos! We’ll be sure to look out for the best of the best.

WANTED – Cats to star in new TV documentary!


Oxford Scientific Films are making a documentary about cats for ITV1 and are looking for some truly incredible and inspiring stories to demonstrate just how amazing cats are.
It could be that you have an exceptional tale of survival or a unique bond, or perhaps your cat has a special talent. If you have stories you would like to share, we would love to hear from you!

Please email cats@oxfordscientificfilms.tv with a summary of your story.


Is it mean to call this post ‘Fat Pickles’? Or ‘Catasaurus rex’?

We’ll let you decide, but we think Pickles needs to go on a diet! Fair enough, he’s a gigantic cat, but where’s his waistline? While he’s very cute to it’s hard not to celebrate such a magnificent cat, we think it’s a shame that this report doesn’t point out that he is overweight – it’s irresponsible to let the public assume this is a normal feline silhouette…but that’s just our opinion! What do you think?

Changes afoot in UK’s 24-hour veterinary care requirements…

The governing body of vets in the UK is asking for our opinion on the provision of 24-hour care by our veterinary surgeons. Pet owners are being asked for their experience of, and views on, 24-hour veterinary care provision, particularly out of hours. The deadline is 17th February, so get writing! Click here to see the letter of request.

For more information on how to chose a vet for your cat, click here.

Suspended prison sentence and life-time ban for cat-strangler

A man from Derbyshire (UK) has been given a 14-week suspended prison sentence and 200 hours of unpaid work for strangling a cat. He has also been banned from keeping animals for life. The man strangled the 4 year-old family cat after an argument with his wife about its behaviour. His wife reported him to the police and RSPCA. The man claims to have regretted his actions. Click here for full story.

India’s tigers at risk of Distemper deaths

There is worrying news from India of a new threat to the survival of endangered tigers. The tigers are at risk of contracting Distemper virus from stray dogs that are reported to be being dumped in the forest near the Tadoba-Andhari tiger reserve. Last year four tiger deaths were thought to be related to the Distemper virus, with only 1,700 tigers left in the wild in India.