Catinformation.net aims to provide you with useful information on how to provide your cats with a happy, healthy life. This includes subjects like cat health, cat care, playing with cats, cat toys, cat furniture, scratching posts, cat trees, cat beds…We offer useful and practical reviews on cat products, saving you those hours of research! This website is constantly growing, so if you are looking for information on a particular subject then do contact us.

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A word of caution...If you want information on cat diseases,  we suggest you ask your vet for reliable sources of information, both on the internet and hard copies like leaflets/books. Not all the information you obtain from the internet is either independent or from trained professionals. A lot of it may be anecdotal, and from individual personal experiences, with no evidence behind what is recommended or believed. By all means read pet-owner forums and ask advice from them if you wish, but you may want to remember that you are essentially taking advice from a stranger. Would you honestly be happy to take advice from someone you happen to meet on a bus, about how best to care for your beloved feline friend? This is where having a good, honest and trusting relationship with your vet can be worth an awful lot – a helpful, well-informed vet may be able to save you a lot of trouble by pointing you in the right direction to start with!

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