WANTED – Cats to star in new TV documentary!


Oxford Scientific Films are making a documentary about cats for ITV1 and are looking for some truly incredible and inspiring stories to demonstrate just how amazing cats are.
It could be that you have an exceptional tale of survival or a unique bond, or perhaps your cat has a special talent. If you have stories you would like to share, we would love to hear from you!

Please email cats@oxfordscientificfilms.tv with a summary of your story.


More cat art for charity!

While we’re on the subject of cat art, we need to apologise for missing this brilliant story a couple of months ago – this time, the cats themselves are making the art!

Cats at the Cats Protection centre in Belfast have been expressing their artistic skills using an iPad, with the aid of a squeaky mouse that passes across the screen. We particularly love the fact that Brutus the cat’s artwork appeared to have a ‘jungle theme’!! Click here for story. 

Cat Art Show in Los Angeles (USA)

A great opportunity to enjoy both cats and art, and an excuse to visit LA! This free event runs Jan 25th – Feb 2nd, 12-5pm, at Gallery 101/exhibit on Santa Monica Boulevard. There will be a little over 100 works for sale, and even better, some of the proceeds will be donated to the local stray cat charity! Here’s more information. 

If you can’t visit the show yourself, here’s a video with some interviews of the artists, at the show itself! Enjoy folks!