A shelving unit that doubles as a cat climbing tree and perch

A shelving unit that doubles as a cat climbing tree and perch

The Sebastian is a contemporary modern unit that offers your cat 6 climbing levels and plenty of look-out posts to sit and be admired from! There’s a sissal scratching post on the first level, and carpet on levels 2 and 4 to add comfort. The inclusion of a cubby hole means that this suits cats of various personalities and requirements.

As with most cat trees nowadays, this does require assembly and comes in about 20 pieces, but don’t be deterred – this is a flexible piece of cat furniture that can double as shelving and ornament display.

The unit is very heavy, which means it is very sturdy, but also hard to move, so build it in situ if you can. Because it seems to be made of laminated wood or chipboard, the corners and edges can become chipped, but otherwise it seems built to last, and unlike fully carpeted cat trees, it can be wiped clean. Also available in white.

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