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Remember, wand toys are interactive toys and cats should not be left unattended with this toy. Hide the toy away when you are not playing with your cat, so that it is excitingly novel for your cat when you bring it out for playtime.

‘Da Bird’ and ‘Flying Frenzy’

Wand with long string

Wand with long string

Every cat owner should own either a ‘Da Bird‘ and ‘Flying Frenzy‘ cat toy! They are both interactive wand toys, and stand out as being better than other wand toys, for a few reasons. The wands are long, thin and slightly bendy, with a long string attached. This makes for extra fun games because the attachment on the end of the string can be made to move fast, far and in a realistic way. It also means there is less running around required by the operator! The second great thing about the ‘Da Bird’ and ‘Flying Frenzy‘ is the ability to change the attachment, and there is a great variety of attachments with ever more being added. Most attachments are suitable for both Da Bird and Flying Frenzy wand attachments, so you don’t need to stick to one brand.

Monkey Likes

  • Ability to create a fast, realistic & energetic game that can accurately mimic nature
  • Mimicking nature means cats are able to express natural behaviour, which makes them happy!
  • Various attachments mean that effectively this is lots of toys in one!
  • The wand, string and attachment are well made, so there is minimal risk of small parts falling off and posing a risk to the cat
  • Durability: the toy wand and attachment system is well designed and manufactured, added to which is the ability to replace just the attachment when they are worn out, so the wand itself can be re-used

Monkey Dislikes

  • The game is SO fun, that the human has to decide when to end the game, otherwise a cat can overdo it and exhaust themselves!
  • Cats will enjoy this so much, that they will ask for playtime, so prepare to get nagged by your cat!
  • There are ongoing costs of attachment replacement as they do eventually get worn out by your cats claws and biting, however these costs are FAR outweighed by the level of exercise and fun that this toy will bring. The costs of replacement attachments are very reasonable.

Cat owners in the UK will find an array of ‘Flying Frenzy‘ products available on Amazon, whereas cat owners in the US will find most products are found under the ‘Da Bird‘ branding.

Flying Frenzy

Funky flying frenzy attachments - Monkey's absolute favourite - cue manic chasing games...

For the Flying Frenzy, a simple hook and eye mechanism is used to interchange the attachments. Whilst this looks flimsy, it is perfectly functional and secure. It is, however, a little fiddly and not that easy to use if you care about your nails or less than nimble fingers.

The wand is a little over 1m, and has another 1m of string attached. Although this length may at first seem ungainly, the wand is very light and bendy, so the attachment can be made to move in a way that really mimics a flying bird – something your cat will find IRRESISTIBLE!! In our opinion, if you’re going to get ONE toy for your cat, this should be it!

Our feline reviewers have had HOURS of exuberant full-on fun with their Flying Frenzy, so we can vouch for it being well made!

Da Bird and Flying Frenzy attachments

Cute ratatouille attachment - Monkey wasn't convinced, but only because he prefers birds over rodents!

Cute ratatouille attachment – Monkey wasn’t convinced, but only because he prefers birds over rodents!

Click on each photo for a link!

For the US, click here

For the UK, click here


Apparently it's made of reindeer fur.

Apparently it’s made of reindeer fur.

A mega-mouse!

A mega-mouse!

Size of each attachments. They're pretty big so more timid cats can take a bit of getting used to these realistic prey games!

Size of each attachments. They’re pretty big so more timid cats can take a bit of getting used to these realistic prey games!


A trio of rodents for the hunters!

A trio of rodents for the hunters!

Hilarious looking 'locust' attachment, suitable for both Da Bird and Flying Frenzy

Hilarious looking ‘locust’ attachment available in the US, suitable for both Da Bird and Flying Frenzy

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