Behavioural problems

Many of the articles we write have some focus on cat behaviour. Behaviour is the fundamental reasoning behind so many recommendations of how to keep cats happy and even has an impact on their health in many cases.

So, if you want to learn more, where do you get reliable information? The internet is all very well, but articles are very often not written by specialists. In fact, there are many unqualified people who write internet articles about cats for a living. In contrast, all the articles on Cat Information are vet-reviewed, but we admit that cats are such complex creatures that there is always more to it than we can fit in one article! We recommend the following books (click the title to see prices):

‘Cat Sense’ by John Bradshaw – “How the new feline science can make you a better friend to your pet”. It’s a punchy claim! This new book looks at the ‘why’ aspect of cat ownership – why cats do particular behaviours, and show particular traits. Written by a British author, it assumes cats are free-roaming with outdoor access. The book does discuss aspects of cat breeding, though doesn’t directly advocate it. You are not necessarily going to understand an individual cat’s behavioural problems by reading this book (those by Vicky Halls are better for this), but you will be better able to understand your cat in general, and what makes it the cat it is. A must-read for any cat lover!

‘Cat Confidential’ by Vicky Halls – “The book your cat would want you to read”. Another British author, Vicky Halls has many years experience of providing qualified cat behaviour advice. She is one of the top cat behaviourists in the UK and has written several books. This book has case studies, fascinating facts, amusing anecdotes, and practical advice, and makes a perfect present for any cat-lover.

‘The Cat Whisperer’ by Claire Bessant – “The Secret of How to Talk to Your Cat”. Written by another of the UK’s cat behaviour experts and veterinary journalist, this book stands out as a little different thanks to Claire’s method of getting into the cat’s senses and seeing the world like they do. It’s a good book for a beginner or someone who hasn’t owned cats before, but don’t take the “how to talk to your cat” subtitle too literally!

‘What is My Cat Thinking?’ by Gwen Bailey – “The Essential Guide to Understanding Pet Behaviour”. Gwen Bailey is Animal Behaviourist to Britain’s largest animal charity, the Blue Cross, so although most of her books are about dogs, this one about cats is excellent. We recommend this for anyone looking for an easy-to-read FAQ-like book that keeps things simple and doesn’t un-necessarily over-complicated matters. It would suit beginners, young adults or mature child who you wanted to get engaged in cat ownership. At the end of the day, basic cat behaviour is exactly that – basic. To start at the beginning and learn the basics, this book is perfect!

‘Think Like a Cat’ by Pam Johnson-Bennett – The American author of this book is a certified cat behaviour consultant who stars in the TV series ‘Psycho Kitty’ and who has written a number of brilliant books on cat behaviour, such as those aimed at multi-cat households. In fact we found it hard to chose which of her books to feature in this short-list! This is an entertaining read that is essential for all new cat-owners, and even hardened cat-lovers will learn something they didn’t know about their feline.

‘The Cat Whisperer’ by Mieshelle Nagelschneider – Another American cat behaviourist looks into the details behind problem behaviours, particularly those involving multi-cat and multi-human households. If you think you’ve tried everything to solve a problem behaviour, this book is for you!


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