BestPet 80″

BestPet Premium extra large 80″

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23.5"Dx23.5"Wx80"H An absolute bargain available in paw print, beige and leopard print faux fur!

A bargain!

Small low platform

Small low platform and small house 12″ diameter x 10″ (H)

Available in leopard print too!

Available in leopard print too!

Available in pawprint!

And of course, also available in pawprint!



Large house 16"(L) x 16"(W) x 14"(H)

Large house 16″(L) x 16″(W) x 14″(H)











Top platform with small ledge

Top platform with small ledge






The sturdy hammock

The sturdy hammock

This is a very popular product for good reason, and at an excellent price (although you need to factor in postage). It gets brilliant results in terms of use by cats, and one huge plus point is the stability of this tree; it offers better stability that other competitors of a similar size. Even the hammock seems able to stand a sleeping mega-cat! Although very vigorous play can pull the toys off, these seem generally quite strong and make the whole tree very attractive to kitties – plus you can always staple dangling toys back onto the base of the platform! It does require assembly but this isn’t difficult and takes about half an hour. The only down side in the design is that the lower house is only held on a single post, so can become wobbly.

This is a real climber’s cat tree – sedate kitties who just want to step from one platform to another may want a more ‘open’ design cat tree, but cats and kittens who like to climb will LOVE this!!

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Colour & pattern options – available in beige, leopard print, or paw print. It is faux fur, but quite ‘short’ faux fur, not super-cheap fluffy stuff.
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