Retro chique meets cat tree with the Contoure Cat Tree

Retro chic meets cat tree with the Contoure Cat Tree

Now we’re talking! The Contoure is a seriously luxurious cat tower, made of solid birch plywood rather than the standard chipboard or MDF that most cat furniture is made of. It is available in walnut stain or unfinished birch, to match your decor.

It comes with a decent price tag, but you’re paying in part for gorgeous looks. The unfinished birch version is cheaper than the walnut finish shown here, and gives you the option to paint or varnish it how you wish. Although relatively sturdy, the Contoure may not cope with high-impact big-cat game-playing on the top shelves, but most cats will simply enjoy lying around on the different height steps. Furniture this size can take a while for some cats to get used to, so have patience. The Contoure is made of birch plywood, not solid wood, but we think your cats won’t mind too much!

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