Is it mean to call this post ‘Fat Pickles’? Or ‘Catasaurus rex’?

We’ll let you decide, but we think Pickles needs to go on a diet! Fair enough, he’s a gigantic cat, but where’s his waistline? While he’s very cute to it’s hard not to celebrate such a magnificent cat, we think it’s a shame that this report doesn’t point out that he is overweight – it’s irresponsible to let the public assume this is a normal feline silhouette…but that’s just our opinion! What do you think?

One BIG kitty! “Meatball’ starts his diet…

It is a relief to hear that a 36-pound (16kg) cat, who is so exceedingly obese he can hardly walk, has arrived in a cat shelter in Arizona where he can begin a strict weight loss regime. This news video shows him struggling to move around, but still managing to enjoy some human affection! Please don’t let your cats get fat, folks!!

Getting such a morbidly obese cat to lose weight must be done very carefully. Cats have a special liver metabolism that means if they are starved or made to lose weight too quickly, they can develop a liver condition called Hepatic Lipidosis. This is a potentially life-threatening illness that requires hospitalisation and intensive veterinary treatment. We recommend always getting advice from your vet about how to promote safe weight loss in your cat.


Calling all cat owners! A diet survey

This survey is aimed at all cat owners and only takes 10-20 minutes to complete. There is so little still to learn about cat nutrition and what our pet cats are actually being fed, so the more owners who complete this, the better!






Any hand-reared kittens out there?

The University of Lincoln (UK), International Cat Care and the Autonomous University of Barcelona have joined forces to research how hand-rearing kittens is currently undertaken, in order to guide further research. They need YOUR help to complete a survey if you are currently hand-rearing a kitten or have done so in the past –