Indoor Cats – Can they be Happy?

Although not a question to be taken lightly, the short answer is – Yes. However, it depends upon an owner taking the time to understand what a cat needs, and who can replicate all the stimuli, challenges, excitement and frustration that is essential a cat’s mental well-being. Keeping an indoor cat should be considered no easier than keeping an exotic or wild animal in a caged environment, in the way that mental health is just as important as supplying the right food and veterinary care. A tiger pacing up and down his cage is not so different to an under-stimulated indoor cat that sleeps all day out of boredom.

To understand how to have a happy indoor cat, we must first understand What Cats Need. . .

All cats, and particularly indoor cats, need:

Feeding enrichment

Play (especially interactive play)

Environmental enrichment. 

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