Bowsers tower

Well, it's different...and certainly fun!

Well, it’s different…and certainly fun!

If, instead of chic muted wooden tones, you want a fun and funky, colourful statement piece, then Bowsers cat tower is a good place to start.

Bowsers is made of fabric-covered wooden blocks that are stacked on top of each other. The bottom box is big enough to hold a bed, or provide a private eating place. Early problems with fabric quality seem to have been resolved by the change to textured cotton (like cordoroy). Cats enjoy using this material as a scratching surface. Although it means the material gets lots of tiny thread pulls in it, the textured surface doesn’t really show it – and anyway the cats are having fun! You could trim any untidy bits. Note, the fabric is only on the outside of the boxes.

The wooden blocks can be flattened for storage. Cats can enjoy using it as steps up, climbing up the outside, climbing up and lying in the different boxes….it’s really very versatile, and seems very popular with the cats!

Overall, this is a VERY popular cat tree with the cats, and it is the only one that truly allows them to climb as if climbing a tree trunk! Rather heavy(-handed) cats that go tearing up the side at high speed can sometimes dislodge the upper box so you may need to remove this if you have a real tearaway feline! Although not made of anything fancy, we think it’s pretty good value, see prices here.

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