GoPetClub Jungle Gym

GoPetClub Jungle Gym

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GoPetClub Jungle Gym  Base 28 x 16" Height 106" 50 x 92" overall width/length including protruding beds Affordable with lots of sleeping options

GoPetClub Jungle Gym
Base 28 x 16″
Height 106″
50 x 92″ overall width/length including protruding beds
Affordable with lots of sleeping options

The two stand-out qualities of the Jungle Gym are 1) the number of houses (3) and hammocks (3), offering plenty of space for cats to have their privacy for a nap, and 2) There is the option to adjust the height of the top pole to fix it to the ceiling (it uses a spring screw) – we recommend doing this, as the base is not particularly big for a cat tree of this size, so it is likely to be unstable if a cat leaps up it! Because of the number of houses in the cat tree, the layout is quite snug for large cats, and if they don’t use the ladders, you may consider not using these, to open up more space. The sleeping houses are also only 15.5 x 15.5 x 12″, which may be too small for some large cats (although others may love the cosiness!). You cannot adjust the height of the hammocks, but it is possible to adjust the direction in which the hammocks sit on the scratching posts, which can be useful if you’re trying to fit a large cat tree into a specified space. The hammocks are stronger than they look and reports suggest they can hold a 10+ pound cat.

As with all large cat trees, take time to put each component together securing and tightly, and occasionally tighten components up during its use, to keep everything from starting to wobble over time!
Finally, be sensible – this is a relatively cheap product for something so large, so expect heavy plywood, ‘beige’ faux fur material, and basic assembly instruction. That said, it’s a great basic large cat tree and provides lots of cat-space without using up too much room-space.
If you are looking for a HUGE cat tree, then the same company make this gigantic piece for a very reasonable price

Colour & pattern options – Available only in beige faux fur


  • Overall Size : 50″W x 16″L x 92″-106″H
  • Base Board Size : 28″W x 16″L
  • Size of 3 Condo Houses to Sleep in: 15.5″W x 15.5″L x 12″H
  • Size of 3 Baskets : 12″W x 12″L


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