Molly & Friends ‘Pinnacle’ XL

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Molly and Friends Pinnacle Base 24 x 24" Height 90" A slim solidly-built beauty that arrives already assembled!

Molly and Friends Pinnacle
Base 24 x 24″
Height 90″
A slim solidly-built beauty that arrives already assembled!

This brilliant design has several unique features, although you can expect to pay a premium for these:
– No assembly required! This is one of the very few large cat trees that doesn’t require infuriating assembly, AND it’s hand-made in the USA
– It is well made, with solid pine poles and properly screwed and bolted components, rather than the ubiquitous plywood found in cheaper cat furniture. It is also covered in proper carpet (which cats love!), rather than the faux fur that is found in cheaper cat furniture
– Small base allows it to fit into a small area, but also…
– Its upright design means that the centre of gravity is always over the base itself, making it very stable no matter how large a cat runs up the sides!
– Large beds and ‘open’ rest areas are well suited to larger cats, or those that like to lounge around rather than hide in cabins.
– The sisal scratch post is a generous 30″ and so allows space for your cat to stretch properly while scratching, making it very attractive (saving the sofa!)
Although reflected in the higher price, this is a high quality product that appears to be very attractive to cats, and to find a cat tree of this size with this degree of sturdiness is not easy. If you are looking for a strong cat tree, particularly for larger cats, and have limited space, this tree is well worth the money. Of course bear in mind that as it is pre-assembled (so heavy and bulky) and will probably only come with a single delivery driver.
There are alternative designs by the same company, such as Molly & Friends Elevator.
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