Environmental Enrichment

While this may sound like pyscho-babble, it’s essential! Read on and we’ll explain…

What does it mean? 

Living in an environment that doesn’t suit you can be stressful and boring, and contribute to medical and mental disorders, leading to aggression, depression, destructive behaviours and compulsive disorders including over-grooming and over-eating. ‘Environmental enrichment’ is a term used to describe the way in which an environment can be created that is mentally and physically stimulating, fun, safe and challenging.

A cat that lives in an enriched environment will benefit in the following ways:

  • Avoid boredom and frustration
  • Use natural instincts and abilities
  • Become confident and contented
  • Are less likely to show behavioural disorders
  • Avoid fear by escaping and/or hiding from things that are scary or unknown
  • Spend more of the day showing natural behaviours and enjoying life, rather than sleeping all day
  • Eat, drink, toilet, play, scratch, and show affection in ways that suit each individual cat

Environment enrichment is essential for a happy cat, but it’s not rocket science and it doesn’t have to be difficult to implement. It covers the following topics – click the links to learn more!


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