Catty Stacks

The box-lovers DREAM!!

The box-lovers DREAM!!

If your cat loves boxes as much as ours do, the Catty Stacks Modular selection is a god-send!

It’s what it looks like – cardboard boxes with holes in, stuck together. But that’s what cats like! In fact, it’s made from recycled products into industrial strength corrugated card, so tougher than it looks. If you have a cat that chews cardboard, fear not – it’s vegetable-based ink. This picture shows only one option – you can buy individual modules in various colours, or a pack of 6 with a tunnel (as shown), or a pack of 10 boxes…etc! See the options here.  Our chief tester, Monkey, thinks this is a REVELATION! You can change the configuration based on what your cat likes and uses (e.g. flat row, pyramid, square etc), you can chose the size of hole, it’s good value, has replaceable components, is eco-friendly, you can even decorate the boxes yourself!

The cubes each need assembly, so your fingers will be busy. The only downside is that if your cat has an accident, you will need to replace the box as they aren’t easy to clean – but that’s better than having to chuck out a whole faux-fur-covered cat tree! Did we mention that they’re also made in the US by a lovely company who seem to really understand cats?! See prices here.

For information on buying this product in the UK, please contact us by telling us your requirements in the Comments box below, or emailing us at



2 thoughts on “Catty Stacks

  1. Hi there,
    I am really interested in purchasing some catty stacks for my Persian. I live in the UK & wondered if you’d be able to help me find somewhere to buy some?

    Thank you.


    • Dear Charlotte,
      Thank you for contacting us, and welcome to Cat Information! We love the Catty Stacks product, too. We’re in contact with the supplier, so as soon as we have more information about getting Catty Stacks in the UK we’ll be in touch. If anybody else reading this wants to join a list of interested people then just contact us in this Comments section and we’ll keep you all posted!
      – Cat Information –

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