The Tabby

The Tabby

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'The Tabby'  28"Wx38"Dx80"H Super-cheap!

‘The Tabby’

Tabby top platform 11" diameter

Tabby top platform 11″ diameter

Tabby small condo 13" diameter, 12" height

Tabby small condo 13″ diameter, 12″ height

Tabby large condo 17" (L) X 24" (W) X 12" (H)

Tabby large condo 17″ (L) X 24″ (W) X 12″ (H)

This bargain of a cat tree seems to be very popular with cats, and it offers a perfect mix of climbing, sleeping and lookout space. The one down side is that the base is not large (nor square), so we suggest some extra anchorage (e.g. to the wall, or on a larger base) if you are getting this for a large cat, or one that might crash up it at high speed! The lower condo sits on one pedestal only, so does wobble, but this doesn’t seem to put cats off, as it is only a cosy house for sleeping in. However, for the price and useable design, this cat tree is tough to beat. The design means it fits well into a corner of a room, and you may chose to alter how you put it together for instance swap the hammock with the platform, to suit your cat better (hammock size 12″ x 12.5″). Although it is made of faux fur, it is quite short fur, not the super fluffy sort – this seems to be popular among the kitty users (and doesn’t shed too much fluff in your house!), even if it doesn’t look particularly ‘cosy’. For the latest prices, click here.

Colour & pattern options – Available only in beige/tan faux fur


Top (2) round perch 11″ Diameter. Fan shaped top perch 13.5″ Length. Big Condo 17″L x 24″W x 12″H. Small condo 13″ Diameter x 12″H. Hammock 12″L x 12.5″W. Base 23″L x 39″W. Overall 28″L x 38″W x 80″H.

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