Provided by 'The Refined Feline' company - need you ask more?!

Provided by ‘The Refined Feline’ company – need you ask more?!

The Lotus Cat Tower is made by a US company appropriately named ‘The Refined Feline‘, who have made it their purpose to design and make cat products that take into account both feline and human tastes. They also make the fun and funky Catemporary Cat Castle.

Not only is the Lotus a gorgeous, sleek and elegant design, but it’s well made and the company have thought of the extras that owners need to make it work – carpet and scratching pads are replaceable so you don’t need to worry about ongoing wear, and it’s even provided with floor levellers! Oh and it comes with a little screwdriver! Since 2011 the company have changed manufacturing, so although there were initial problems with quality, these seem to have been resolved.

For information on buying this product in the UK, please contact us by telling us your requirements in the Comments box below, or emailing us at admin@catinformation.net


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