What are the best books about cat behaviour? We know the answer!!

Once again we’ve ended up writing such a long blog post, that it became an article in its own right!

We have reviewed SIX of the best books about cat behaviour, and put the article HERE. We’d love to hear from anyone who found these books interesting or useful, and definitely let us know if you think we have missed a good book out!

New heart-warming book – cats & autism

There have been many instances where autistic children have responded in a positive way to animals, and a little while ago we reviewed 3 books about autism and cats. We recently discovered another book about the amazing effect of cat-ownership on a young boy called Fraser Booth. Billy, a stray cat from the charity Cats Protection (UK), transformed Fraser and his family’s life, and this book is the story of how it happened.

A brilliant cat book for children by Rob Laidlaw

Rob Laidlaw has spent his life working with animals and wildlife protection, and has written a number of books on animal issues, aimed at children. A perfect balance between the sometimes tough ‘real-life’ aspects of animals’ lives, and the enjoyable and positive aspects of their lives, whether they be owned, rescued or feral. ‘Cat Champions: Caring for Our Feline Friends’ promises to be as awesome as his previous books – pre-order now to avoid disappointment or delay, this book comes out in March 2014.


The Top 10 Cats in children’s literature

We will all have different opinions on who is the BEST cat we remember from our childhood, but somebody has had to sit down and write a Top 10 List –

1 – Mog

2 – Gobbolino

3 – Atticus Claw

4 – Tabby McTat

5 – The Cat in the Hat

6 – the Cheshire Cat

7 – Mrs Norris

8 – Six Dinner Sid

9 – Slinky Malinky

10 – Macavity

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