Remember to update your cat’s microchip details!

A lesson to those of us who move house and forget to change the address on the cat’s microchip – this cat had a Spanish microchip, but when the cat and owner moved to the UK, its microchip was still registered in Spain. After being found 30 miles away in a family’s garage, the owner’s name was luckily recognised by a local vets practice, and that cat was reunited with a grateful owner! Nothing like a happy cat story.

Changing your pet’s microchip details is easier if you know which company or database their microchip is registered with – your microchip registration documents will tell you this, or your vet may be able to help. The most common microchip databases in the UK are PetLog, PETtrac, and Anibase. There is sometimes a small fee for changing the details, but this is sometimes only a one-off, and well worth it!