All about neutering your cat – what age?

We have just posted a new page on the subject of neutering or sterilizing your cat, and thought we’d share with you this video from Cats Protection about early neutering. Historically we used to neuter cats at 6 months or thereabouts. This was an arbitrary age that was chosen because most cats are reaching puberty at this age and are a decent size for anaesthesia. However, nowadays vets have access to good modern anaesthetic drugs and we have significant problems with huge numbers of homeless cats and kittens, and the accidental litters from cats aged 6 months make a big contribution to the unwanted population in rescue centres. So there is now an increasing number of vets, breeders and rescue centres who are neutering at a younger age (from 10-12 weeks).

If any of you are thinking of letting your kitty have ‘just one litter’, watch this video and see how many kittens there are in the rescue centre it is filmed in. They are all homeless. For every kitten you bring into the world, one of the kittens in this video loses out on a chance of a loving home…

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