Literal cat trees – it really is a tree! (sort of)

Although we call them cat trees, they don’t usually appear anything like an actual tree. Well, here’s a cat tree that really is just that! The trees are custom-made and handcrafted, and consist of a hollow ‘trunk’ supported by a wooden frame, with peep-holes and lying platforms in the trunk. The top of the tree is decorated with synthetic branches and leaves, and snuggled among these are lying platforms. Being fully customisable, you can design your own tree to fit into your decor and house – height, fabric, design details, even the leaves are all chosen by you! Amazing! They’re popular, too, as there’s currently a waiting list for manufacture, so don’t delay if you want one!

Helping hospitalised cats

Many vet practices have separate cat wards, but not all provide hospitalised cats with a hiding place in their kennel. Cats have 3 ways of coping with stressful situations – escape, hide, or go ‘up high’. Since a kennel environment prevents escape, emphasis should be placed on providing a hiding place and, if possible, a corner shelf from which to observe their surroundings without fear of approach from behind. Research has shown that providing a ‘Hide and Perch’ box, as opposed to an open cat bed, improves rescue cats’ welfare and reduces their stress levels. They were also more likely to get along well together. The UK’s Cats Protection charity have developed a cat hide to mimic this in the veterinary hospital –