A new cat book! ‘Cat Sense’ by John Bradshaw

‘Cat Sense: How the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet’, by John Bradshaw (to give it the full name), has been widely and, for the most part, well reviewed. It is refreshing to read a book that looks at the ‘why’ aspect of cat ownership – why cats do particular behaviours, and show particular traits. It is written by a British author, and so assumes the subject is a free-roaming cat with outdoor access, and the book does discuss aspects of cat breeding, while not directing advocating it. You are not necessarily going to understand an individual cat’s behavioural problems by reading this book (those by Vicky Halls are better for this), but you will be better able to understand your cat in general, and what makes it the cat it is. A must-read for any cat lover!


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